Revive Abaca Farming.

  • By year 2027, we would have recruited over a thousand farmers actively participating on continued propagation harvest of abaca in the island of Samar.


    The goal is to empower farmers and their families to have a more stable and diversified source of income making them more resilient against natural calamiities and to lift them out of poverty.





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    Initial Assesment

    Over the past decade, abaca farming has been devasted by a plant virus known Abaca Bunchy Top Virus. The virus heavily affected abaca production in various places since 2005 and caused abaca plants to be unproductive specially in Eastern Samar. Due to lack of knowldge of its potential, farmers gave up on abaca propagation over the recent years. F4F recognized the potential of abaca and is rallying farmers to prioritize reviving abaca farming in the region.

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    Education for Farmers

    Part of the problem was the lack of knowldge of the local farmers about abaca's earning potential, disease management and plant propagation. F4F has developed and is continuesly implementing a training program for plant propagation and disease management. This is conducted over 5 localities with a growing population of over 260 farmers.

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    Disease Management

    F4F partnered with the Philippine Fiber Industry Authority (PhilFIDA) to conduct trainings on Abaca Disease Management. Farmers in this training finished the whole process designed to stop the virus infection. Insecticides and herbicides were used to kill the insects and the infected abaca plants. Farmers are guided in spraying and injecting infected plants.

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    Local Propagation

    With the increasing global demands, there is a great shortage of planting materials. F4F decided to establish a nursery to help boost the propagation process and produce hi quality planting materials.

  • F4F is seeking local and international partners to join with this endevour. Be part of this grand project today!

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